​My setup is this:

C64 or 128D

GGlabs RS232 LT adapter (GLinkLT)

Serial lead or USB/serial to PC

Strike term .d64 on disk / U1541 or IEC2SD


Windows 7

BBS master

Atten USB/serial drivers for usb lead.

​The Commodore 64 / 128

No other 8 bit computer really compares to the C64 and 128 machines that made Commodore famous in the 80s, in fact no other computer sold

as many ...ever! nope not even Apple.

So as my love affair with the Commodore c64 continues , it only seems fitting to have the old girl on line (BBS)... and heres how.

1) stuff.

Yes you need other stuff than just the 64 , you need an RS232 adapter from the 64 to connect a serial port to...

Probably a USB to Serial lead too. (I'm using an ac-232a prolific usb/serial lead or a serial lead from my Apple II ADTpro setup)

or a null-modem serial 9 pin to 9 pin.

2) software.

The big killer here is software. on the C64 its not hard to find term or strike term or a similar terminal program. I'm using strike term.

​On the PC/Mac ...it gets more difficult , not only because the  usb lead needs drivers but the serial port needs setting up properly and the you need a virtual modem or com port software ..its gets to be a pain quickly! i have found BBSserver master and it works well in windows7, i'll try it on 10 later.

3) time.

This can be quick and easy or it will consume hours....

links and tips:

​Speed , the c64 is slow and 1200 or 2400 is a reasonable speed but with an s232 adapter you can have 9600 from the user port.

Zmodem is the protocol to use and ensure com ports and settings are the same speed.