Jay the Miner  V2.5

A manic miner clone for the Amiga again. Play all 15 levels. Tribute to Jay miner.

A quick game done on backbone, Ricky ....


Simple game , pick up the dogs.

Wanted Man

They found out , i don't know how but they did. Selling secrets was supposed to be easy!  Download the data on to the Disk terminal , Quick!


Ride your motorbike and ride to freedom, avoid the police and killer robots.

platform game


Amiga conversion.


blood thirsty platform game , shoot everything.


Frotz version 2.41 for the Amiga, release 18, ported by David Kinder.

Starship Supernova

A text adventure based on the ti99/4a game but with silly humour .

Needs Frotz to be installed first.

Bad Santa:Mayhen in toyland.

Santa doesn't want to work on christmas eve, he fancies a drink instead ! but the toys have other ideas..

Evil minions

GRU is depending on you to stop vector and Dr nefario from taking over the world.


Guide our hero around the map and collected the gun , treasures and health.

kill the mummies!