A great ex-fairlight coder Galahad who resides over at English Amiga Board, set out many moons ago to port over the classic Atari ST isometric game "Where Time Stood Still" from Ocean Software which was due for an Amiga release but was either never completed or was simply canned back in 1988 is a mystery and most of the time Amiga ports were more or less simply ported from the Atari ST so very strange it didn't get released, until now.

Galahad called on the help of the members of EAB to help him with designing an exclusive Amiga only introduction and this is where I come in, I was able to create the new title screens and comic strip featured in the game and other nice graphical touches to separate it from the Atari ST original, making it a more Amiga enchanted version, along with help from 2 members to create entirely new versions of the original music, a first in an Atari ST port over (homebrew wise) to be done and it has paid off, I've included Galahad's video to demonstrate what I've mentioned and hope you like what you see, of course the game will be released very shortly for you to play on both actually hardware or emulator, or android tablet device with an Amiga emulator