​One of the first things i learnt how to do was to recap the Amiga , all Amigas and basically any 90s electronics will be leaking by now and this includes PCs , game consoles, video cameras etc.

Next on the list of course is acceleration, no one wants a 7mhz A500 or a 20mhz 1200 or a lowly 30/40 mhz A4000. lets face it - these is no substitute for a 68060 ! Doom won't run on an 030 will it?

​Of course these don't come cheap and as we are now in 2015 , the current prices for 060 accelerators is £400 and above. I usually buy Apollo or Blizzard 040 cards and upgrade them to 68060 66mhz or 75 / 80 mhz ....100 mhz still alludes me.

Its not a simple task and you do run a real risk of breaking your card but if extreme care is taken it can be done :-)

i have so far upgraded 68030 , 68040  and 68040 to 68060 on blizzard , Apollo and Blizzard PPC