Why the Amiga?

Well i saw defender of the crown photos in Commodore User magazine in about 1986 and that was that!

Defender of the crown was a film on a floppy disk, or so it seemed and to be fair it looks good even now.

Had i seen the Atari version first? well who knows.

Hello and welcome,who am i?

well my name is michael and I'm an Amiga user. I was bought an Amiga in 1988 by my mum - a lovely new Amiga A500 1.2 512k £399.99. It was a massive step up from the C64 and Zx spectrum but sadly the first few years of the Amiga were not the best for software and i got bored...

I sold up in 1993 and for christmas 1994 i built a 486 25mhz 4mb ram machine , 20mb hdd and DOS and that was it...Doom and warcraft!

​I didn't return to the Amiga until 2002 with an A1200, i wasn't impressed and sold it quickly, however by 2007 i wanted an Amiga again and here i am now in 2015...making games and repairing hardware.

Im an Engineer / fabricator , 43 years old and living in Milton Keynes in the UK.

drop by and say hello.